'friel’s work embraces the elements of chance, not unlike boudin, and the reinvestigation of old ideas. in the process, friel has invented his own visual sense for reconsidering the representation of ideas and reordering the visual physical world. friel has invented his own methods and visual language. his work embraces a range from the micro movements of the body breathing to the violent forces of nature dancing, shifting and colliding'
john reiff williams - an introduction to chris friel 2014

'friel dwells in the smudgy borderlands bewteen dreams and reality'
carol cooper - shots magazine 2014

'chris friel breaks all the rules and in the process has carved out his own unique vision'
steve coleman - 100 landscape photographers worth knowing 2014

'when a colour-blind painter turns his hand to black & white photography, the results are bound to be interesting. his stark compositions are a cross between conventioal and unconventional'
elizabeth roberts - black and white photography magazine 2014

'friel is best known for his breathtaking landscape photography, but he has evolved a more original and unique body of work, capturing the movement of bodies to give them a genuine identity between torn violence and macabre reverie. between dark and foggy scenery and the bruised and blunt flesh of sleepers, friel is unveiling a world of odd, raw and yet ethereal poetry connected to the work of painters such as bacon'
jennifer gori - beautiful bizarre magazine 2014

'friels work is always surprising, and ever changing. a master of experimentation and persistence'
caroline fraser - an ordinary life 2014

'don’t capture – create' that’s what I heard in my head when I was introduced to the work of chris friel
christoffer relander - saachi art magazine 2104

'friel is one of the most interesting and creative photographers working today. his work walks an always engaging line between the world of painting and and the world of photography, each image its own unique expression, an expression that recalls, for me at least, the work of lucian freud, gerhard richter, francis bacon, and even, to a certain extent, one of my my favorite british painters, stanley spencer'
nathan wirth - slices of silence magazine 2013

'one of the most exciting people working in contemporary photography. friel's work is astounding, individual and inspiring'
sarah jarett 2013

'my view of what photography is – or could be – changed completely the day I came across chris friel’s work'
valda bailey - on landscape magazine 2013

'friel's work is difficult to define – mainly because he doesn’t let one successful venture into a subject effect the look of other subjects. there is a definite connection between the subjects and groups of images – but it is as if he finds something new for each subject. and it is not only new, it somehow seems obvious – so easy for everyone to think in hindsight – so difficult for someone to discover in the first place'
mike jackson - ramblings about photography 2013

'the work of chris friel continues to both push and to challenge me'
alex boyd - landscape photography magazine 2013

'friel's work pushes the boundary of perception and time in evocative ways. working both with the figure and with landscape there is always a wonderful mystery in his work'
ron wiecki - imagining light 2013

'friel’s photography is haunting, mysterious, evocative and compelling. much of its allure and ethereal beauty comes down to blurry textural effects created through well honed techniques. what makes his work transcendent, however, is his choice of subject matter and the gifted eye he employs to capture it'
stephen p. lennhoff 2013

'combining both the randon elemental wind and sea with the movement of the camera contrive to bring about the extraordinary images that characterize friel's work'
art magazine winter 2012

'if you want to look at contemporary photographic art in the UK today then chris friel has a must see collection'
russ barnes in interview 2012

'chris friel takes breathtaking pictures that look like paintings'
trendhunter 2012

'in all his photographs there is a factor of uncertainty, a foggy, interrupted nature which obscures the subject, adding an otherworldly feel to friel’s images'
freya marshall payne 2013

'i am always in awe at what friel publishes, there is just something in his images that touches the soul. the art world really needs to open its eyes to his work'
michael diblicek in interview 2012

'is this what dreams look like?'
flavorwire magazine new york 2012

'his work manages to blur the boundary between photography and abstract landscape paintings'
creative panes 2012

'one of the finest, most creative, startlingly innovative and exciting photographers in the uk'
douglas chimmery advanced photographer 2011

'the dazed state of chris friel's images provoke uncertainty - a memory that may or may not have happened; dream matter, foggy and interrupted'
raji kaur thefreakshow 2011

'one of the finest contemporary landscape photographers in the uk today'
mikhail palinchak photoslaves magazine 2011

'friel's work is beautiful, otherworldly, captivating, enchanting, surprising, and haunting'
mark fenwick facinating photography magazine 2011

'chris friel is a photographer with a wonderful, natural eye - a modern day fay godwin perhaps'
tim parkin great british landscapes magazine 2010