friel sees the world differently and translates his outlook through his experimental photographic practice. he is known as one of the most innovative image makers working today
Anna Bonita Evans - back and white photography magazine 2018

art is always evolving and challenging not only itself, but also society's preconceptions of it. so the world of photography now embraces visions as diverse as Henri Cartier Bresson, Alexey Titarenko and Chris Friel
Andrew James Kirkwood - chromographix 2018

one the uk's most creative and gifted contemporary photographers
greg stewart - kozu books 2018

The first time I saw his work I felt like I’d been punched
Abigail Flanagan - life through a lens 2018

my main influence over the past ten years or so has been Chris Friel. I first saw an image of his in a magazine and my first thought was that it must be a painting
Kevin marston - on landscape 2018

The work of Chris Friel was a lightbulb moment for me
Nicki Gwynn-Jones - on landscape 2017

friel is a creative genius with multiple exposure and intentional camera movement
lee aspland - mindful photography 2017

some of the most quietly beautiful, personal and moving landscape photography to be made in living memory
Alex Boyd - Curator of Hyperbora 2017

an extremely moving, beautiful series of landscapes
Sarah Urwin Jones - the sunday herald

friel is a genius with the camera, he sees the world totally differently to anyone I know
doug chinnery - landscape photography magazine 2017

His work hits me in the gut more often than not
Kathleen Donohoe - on landscape magazine 2017

friel is the one that keeps me looking for another approach or angle to photography
russ barnes - art of the landscape 2017

This body of work is arguably one of the most poignant and mesmerising series of images ever produced
joseph wright - jw editions 2017

Sometimes I think they show more of a feeling than a subject
stephi ramona - photos worth seeing 2017

friel uses intentional camera movement to capture beautiful abstract landscapes
simeon smith - lomography magazine 2016

bringing a fresh perspective to landscape photography, he is a true innovator
anna bonita evans - outdoor photography 2015

he takes images I want to take but hadn't realised that I wanted to
alan humphris - connected by light 2015

friel's images are like wild brush strokes
bruce percy - the art of adventure 2015

friel's work is sometimes very disturbing, but always emotive and powerful and certainly authentic
joel tjintjelaar - 500px review 2015

he opened my eyes to different possibilities in photography
russ barnes - aaron yeoman photography 2015

I love his lightness of hand and the ease with which his images seem to come together
valda bailey - Land | Sea

friel dwells in the smudgy borderlands bewteen dreams and reality
carol cooper - shots magazine 2014

friel breaks all the rules and in the process has carved out his own unique vision
steve coleman - 100 landscape photographers worth knowing 2014

i'm of the quite genuine opinion that friel might actually be the best photographer ever
david mcnamee - blue tapes 2014

friel is a living master
garbhan myles - santa sangre magazine 2014

when a colour-blind painter turns his hand to photography, the results are bound to be interesting
elizabeth roberts - black and white photography magazine 2014

he opened my eyes to a whole new world of what can be achieved with a camera. I find his work mesmerising
cath water - on landscape magazine 2014

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