what is most interesting is his ability to capture the movement of bodies to give them a genuine identity between torn violence and macabre reverie
jennifer gori - beautiful bizarre magazine 2014

his work is always surprising, and ever changing. a master of experimentation and persistence
caroline fraser - an ordinary life 2014

don’t capture – create' that’s what I heard in my head when I was introduced to the work of friel
christoffer relander - saachi art magazine 2104

to say that his work is stunning is an understatement
regan shercliff - slices of silence 2013

he is one of the most interesting and creative photographers working today
nathan wirth - slices of silence magazine 2013

one of the most exciting people working in contemporary photography. his work is astounding, individual and inspiring
sarah jarett - one camera one lens 2013

my view of what photography is changed completely the day I came across his work
valda bailey - on landscape magazine 2013

he finds something new for each subject, it somehow seems obvious – so easy for everyone to think in hindsight – so difficult for someone to discover in the first place
mike jackson - ramblings about photography 2013

the work of chris friel continues to both push and to challenge me
alex boyd - landscape photography magazine 2013

friel's work pushes the boundary of perception and time in evocative ways
ron wiecki - imagining light 2013

combining both the randon elemental wind and sea with the movement of the camera contrive to bring about his extraordinary images
john umney - art magazine 2012

if you want to look at contemporary photographic art in the UK today then friel has a must see collection
russ barnes - the creative photographer 2012

friel takes breathtaking pictures that look like paintings
jason soy - trendhunter 2012

in all his photographs there is a factor of uncertainty, a foggy, interrupted nature which obscures the subject
freya marshall - payne paranoias 2013

there is something in his images that touches the soul
michael diblicek - the creative photographer 2012

is this what dreams look like?
marina galperina - flavorwire magazine 2012

highly reflective and quietly intenses, friel's images pack a silent punch
gemma padley - amateur photographer 2011

one of the finest, most creative, startlingly innovative and exciting photographers in the uk
douglas chimmery - advanced photographer 2011

one of the finest contemporary landscape photographers in the uk today
mikhail palinchak - photoslaves magazine 2011

friel's work is beautiful, otherworldly, captivating, enchanting, surprising, and haunting
mark fenwick - facinating photography magazine 2011

friel is a photographer with a wonderful natural eye - a modern day fay godwin perhaps
tim parkin - on landscape 2010

strange yet familiar, sinister yet comforting, friel's images are quietly compelling
gemma padley - amateur photographer 2009