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after reviews

after reviews

after reviews

this body of work is arguably one of the most poignant and mesmerising series of images ever produced
joseph wright

A beautiful, limited edition book
outdoor photography

a beautiful body of work in response to loss
alex boyd

beautiful work
simon bray

outdoor photography magazine

poignant, deeply moving. a sad, tragic but now treasured book
doug chinnery

A remarkable book. Powerful and emotional
rob friel

beautiful, emotional... to be honest there are no words. I cannot begin to imagine how hard this was and is
nick du plessis

It's a beautiful peace of work and extremely touching
euan ross

a hard hitting and beautiful creation
ryan walsh

no words
al brydon

A beautiful, unbearably poignant book and one I feel privileged to own
valda bailey

cathartic & stunning images
sarah blandford

Beautiful and touching
john wilson

Every bit as poignant & beautiful as expected
nettie edwards