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anecdotes 2021

images from my garden

shot in the spring of 2020 during the first UK lockdown

edited in March 2021.
book pdf

anecdote - the depiction of a minor narrative incident in a painting

But inasmuch as that light is loaned
And, insofar as we've borrowed bones
Must every debt now be repaid
In star-spotted, sickle-winged night raids
While we sing to the garden, and we sing to the stars
And we sing in the meantime
Wherever you are?

In the folds and the branches
Somewhere, out there
I was only just born into open air
Now hush, little babe
You don't want to be
Down in the trenches
Remembering with me

Where you will not mark my leaving
And you will not hear my parting song
Nor is there cause for grieving
Nor is there cause for carrying on

And daughter, when you are able
Come down and join, the kettle's on
And your family's round the table
Will you come down, before the sun is gone?

anecdotes/ Joanna Newsom 2015