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joe book reviews

joe book reviews

'Important powerful work'
the un of photography

'Words won't do it. Just look please'
al brydon

'Important and beautiful'
nick du plessis

mark james

'Incredibly moving work'
dan wood

'powerful & moving work'
christiaan may

'Incredibly moving'
kozu books

'Heartbreaking but vital'
dave dickie

'I defy anyone to venture into this series and not emerge sadder, but wiser'
john mcpherson

'One of the most moving collection of images I think I've ever seen'
howard hurd

'Words fail me. So moving'
james davidson

'A moving and incredibly poignant tribute by Chris Friel for his beloved son, Joe. Heartbreaking'
doug chinnery

'Desperately sad. Almost unbearably moving. Repeated viewings don't diminish its impact'
valda bailey

'A beautiful heartbreaking tribute from Chris'
joseph wright

'Beautiful and heartbreaking'
mark williamson

'I'd challenge even those who aren't interested in photography to be unmoved by this series'
rob hudson

'This series tears me apart each time I engage with it'
mike colechin

'Upsetting and yet uplifting. Difficult and beautiful; a story in light and darkness that pulled my heart inside it'
angus carlyle

'Incredibly brave and moving photography series'
kenneth gray

'The impossibly tragic conclusion of these photos only increases the sense of profound love inherent in the captured image'
johnny rath

'tragically beautiful work from Chris Friel'
rob hudson

'Please take the time to ponder Chris Friel's important, emotive tribute'
nancy forde

'Heartwrenching images from Chris Friel'
valda bailey

'Photographs that defy words'
helen iles

'A beautiful and impossibly tragic series'
al brydon

'Anyone who has not yet visited this work, do, you'll think differently afterwards'
john mcpherson

'A heart rending, poignant and poetic response, expressing that which words cannot'
sally brodie

'An intensely moving and powerful tribute'
outdoor photography

'incredibly moving series of images'
mark cornick

'a very moving series. Read the back-story & spend awhile absorbing the wonderful images & what they represent'
cristian may